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From H1N1 to 2019-nCoV, what do we learn? Gui-E Liu, Yuan Tian, Wen-Jun Zhao, Shuang-Ming Song, Lei Li 2020,23(4):187-189
The severe COVID-19: A sepsis induced by viral infection? And its immunomodulatory therapy Hong-Yuan Lin 2020,23(4):190-195
Guideline for diagnosis and treatment of spine trauma in the epidemic of COVID-19 Yu-Long Wang, Feng-Zhao Zhu, Lian Zeng, Dionne Telemacque, Jamal Ahmad Saleem Alshorman, Jin-Ge Zhou, Ze-Kang Xiong, Ting-Fang Sun, Yan-Zhen Qu, Sheng Yao, Tian-Sheng Sun, Shi-Qing Feng, Xiao-Dong Guo 2020,23(4):196-201
Perioperative management strategy of severe traumatic brain injury during the outbreak of COVID-19 Peng Chen, Xue-Hua Xiong, Ying Chen, Ke Wang, Qing-Tao Zhang, Wei Zhou, Yong-Bing Deng 2020,23(4):202-206
Critical adjustments and trauma surgery trends in adaptation to COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia Henry Tan Chor Lip, Tan Jih Huei, Yuzaidi Mohamad, Rizal Imran Alwi, Tuan Nur' Azmah Tuan Mat 2020,23(4):207-210
Surgical treatment of thoracolumbar fracture with incomplete lower limb paralysis in a patient with COVID-19 Yu-Lin Cao, Yan-Jiu Han, Peng Chen, Ze-Ming Liu, Muradil Mutar, Yong Gao, Zeng-Wu Shao, Wei Tong, Yong Liu 2020,23(4):211-215
Global road traffic injury statistics: Challenges, mechanisms and solutions Fang-Rong Chang, He-Lai Huang, David C. Schwebel, Alan H.S. Chan, Guo-Qing Hu 2020,23(4):216-218
Epidemiologic study of traffic crash mortality among motorcycle users in Iran(2011e2017) Abdolrazagh Barzegar, Masoud Ghadipasha, Mehdi Forouzesh, Samira Valiyari, Ali Khademi 2020,23(4):219-223
Why do some trauma patients die while others survive? A matched-pair analysis based on data from Trauma Register DGU® Dan Bieler, Thomas Paffrath, Annelie Schmidt, Maximilian Vollmecke, Rolf Lefering, Martin Kulla, Erwin Kollig, Axel Franke, Sektion NIS of the German Trauma Society 2020,23(4):224-232
Clinical effect of manual reduction of humeroradial joint in the treatment of typeIeIII fresh Monteggia fracture in children Yin-Qiang Cao, Jia-Zhong Deng, Yuan Zhang, Xiao-Wei Yuan, Tao Liu, Jun Li, Xiang Li, Pan Gou, Ming Li, Xing Liu 2020,23(4):233-237
Does a staged treatment of high energy tibial plateau fractures affect functional results and bony union? A case series Nilesh Barwar, Abhay Elhence, Sumit Banerjee, Nitesh gahlot 2020,23(4):238-242
Tropical cyclone Fanieperspective from the trauma and emergency department of an affected tertiary hospital Chitta Ranjan Mohanty, Mantu Jain, Rakesh Vadakkethil Radhakrishnan, Prabeer Chandra Mohanty, Ritesh panda 2020,23(4):243-248
Blunt trauma related chest wall and pulmonary injuries: An overview Bekir Nihat Dogrul, Ibrahim Kiliccalan, Ekrem Samet Asci, Selim Can Peker 2020,23(3):125-138
Characteristics and outcome of traumatic chest injury patients visited a specialized hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: A one-year retrospective study Ararso Baru, Ermiyas Weldegiorgis, Tigist Zewdu, Heyria Hussien 2020,23(3):139-144
Efficacy of new scoring system for diagnosis of abdominal injury after blunt abdominal trauma in patients referred to emergency department Majid Shojaee, Anita Sabzghabaei, Ali Heidari 2020,23(3):145-148
Adrenal gland injury due to gunshot Vivek Angara, Jody C. Digiacomo 2020,23(3):149-151
Experts’ perspectives on the application of public-private partnership policy in prevention of road traffic injuries Saber Azami-Aghdash, Homayoun Sadeghi-Bazargani, Mohammad Saadati, Mohammad Mohseni, Hojatolah Gharaee 2020,23(3):152-158
Analysis of risk factors contributing to road traffic accidents in a tertiary care hospital. A hospital based cross-sectional study Sandip Kumar, Mahima, Dhiraj Kumar Srivastava, Pradip Kharya, Neha Sachan, K. Kiran 2020,23(3):159-162
Effect of early enteral nutrition on outcomes of trauma patients requiring intensive care Peng-Fei Li, Yao-Li Wang, Yu-Li Fang, Ling Nan, Jian Zhou, Dan Zhang 2020,23(3):163-167
Injury surveillance information system: A review of the system requirements Nader Mirani, Haleh Ayatollahi, Davoud Khorasani-Zavareh 2020,23(3):168-175