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Effect of early restrictive fluid resuscitation on inflammatory and immune factors in patients with severe pelvic fracture La-Mei Jiang, Jun He, Xiao-Yan Xi and Chun-Mei Huang 2019,22(6):311-315
Sepsis patient evaluation emergency department (SPEED) score & mortality in emergency department sepsis (MEDS) score in predicting 28-day mortality of emergency sepsis patients Adel Hamed Elbaih, Zaynab Mohammed Elsayed, Rasha Mahmoud Ahmed and Sara Ahmed Abd-elwahed 2019,22(6):316-322
Prognosis in children with traumatic injuries referring to the emergency department Farzad Akbaryan, Hojjat Derakhshanfar, Kamran Heidari, Ali Vafaei and Somaieh Matin 2019,22(6):323-327
Evaluation of results of open distal femur fractures with primary fixation and antibiotic impregnated collagen Maley Deepak Kumar, Roop Singh, Rakesh Khiyani, Kiranpreet Kaur and Svareen 2019,22(6):328-332
Endoscopic surgery for thalamic hemorrhage breaking into ventricles: Comparison of endoscopic surgery, minimally invasive hematoma puncture, and external ventricular drainage Chu-Hua Fu, Ning Wang, Hua-Yun Chen and Qian-Xue Chen 2019,22(6):333-339
Radial head subluxation in pediatric clinics and emergency departments in China You-Xin Wang, Ge Zhang, Bo Song and Ming Li 2019,19(6):340-344
Do we really need to repair the pronator quadratus after distal radius plating? Subodh Pathak, Rashid Anjum, Rakesh Kumar Gautam, Pritam Maheshwari, Jatin Aggarwal, Aryan Sharma and Vineet Pruthi 2019,22(6):345-349
Virtual preoperative planning and 3D printing are valuable for the management of complex orthopaedic trauma Abhishek Mishra, Tarun Verma, Abhishek Vaish, Riya Vaish, Raju Vaishya and Lalit Maini 2019,22(6):350-355
Paratricipital two window approach for complex intraarticular distal humerus fractures: A prospective analysis of 27 patients Harveer Singh, Naman Kanodia and Rahul Singh 2019,22(6):356-360
Correlation between tibial nail length and olecrenon to 5th metacarpal head measurement: An anthropometric study Atmananda Hegde, Nabeel Mohammed and Naufal Rizwan Ahmed 2019,22(6):361-363
Lengthening of a below knee amputation stump with Ilizarov technique in a patient with a mangled leg Dong Hao Toon, Suheal Ali Khan and Kevin Ho Yin Wong 2019,22(6):364-367
Schwannoma of the upper cervical spine–a case report Primadenny Ariesa Airlangga, Bambang Prijambodo, Aries Rakhmat Hidayat and Steesy Benedicta 2019,22(6):368-372
Multicentre collaborative cohort study of the use of Kirschner wires for the management of supracondylar fractures in children Henry Claireaux, Richard Goodall, Joshua Hill, Elizabeth Wilson, Philippa Coull, Sebastian Green, James Schuster-Bruce, Diana Lim, Joanna Miles and Payam Tarassoli 2019,22(5):249-254
Buttress plate fixation of coronoid process fractures via a medial approach Kelvin Kah Ho Lor, Dong Hao Toon and Andy Teck Huat Wee 2019,22(5):255-260
Evaluation of labial versus labio-inferior lines of osteosynthesis using 3Dminiplate for fractures of anterior mandible: A finite element analysis with a pilotclinical trial Keerthana Ponvel, Elavenil Panneerselvam, Sasikala Balasubramanian and Krishna Kumar Raja V.B. 2019,22(5):261-269
Comparative study of the efficacy of gentamicin-coated intramedullary interlocking nail versus regular intramedullary interlocking nail in Gustilo type I and II open tibia fractures Deepak Pinto, K. Manjunatha, Amarnath D. Savur, Naufal Rizwan Ahmed, Sharan Mallya and V. Ramya 2019,22(5):270-273
Reducing shoulder dislocation without anaesthesia or assistant: Validation of a new reduction manoeuvre Rashid Anjum, Subodh Pathak, Atul Rai Sharma, Jatin Aggarwal, Aryan Sharma, Vineet Pruthi and Anil Kumar Chaudhary 2019,22(5):274-277
A study of attributable variables impacting orthopedic trauma surgical training Rajeev Shukla, Vishal Singh Champawat and Ravi Kant Jain 2019,22(5):278-280
Implantless patellar fixation in medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction Ashish Devgan, Umesh Yadav, Pankaj Sharma, Rajesh Rohilla, Radhika Devgan, Pravesh Mudgil, Aman Verma and Vasudha Dhupper 2019,22(5):281-285
Correlation between the skull base fracture and the incidence of intracranial hemorrhage in patients with traumatic brain injury Ahmad Faried, Danny Halim, Ingrid Ayke Widjaya and Rendy Febrian Badri 2019,22(5):286-289