Alexander Becker,Gil Segal,Yuri Berlin,Dan Hershko.[J].中华创伤杂志英文版,2019,22(3):125-128
The emergency department length of stay: Is the time running out?
KeyWord: Emergency department length of stayTrauma patientsHospital length of stay
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Alexander Becker Department of Surgery A, Emek Medical Center, Afula 18101, Israel 
Gil Segal Department of Surgery A, Emek Medical Center, Afula 18102, Israel 
Yuri Berlin Department of Surgery A, Emek Medical Center, Afula 18103, Israel 
Dan Hershko Department of Surgery A, Emek Medical Center, Afula 18104, Israel 
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      Purpose: To examine the relationships between emergency department length of stay (EDLOS) with hospital length of stay (HLOS) and clinical outcome in hemodynamically stable trauma patients. Methods: Prospective data collected for 2 years from consecutive trauma patients admitted to the trauma resuscitation bay. Only stable blunt trauma patients with appropriate trauma triage criteria requiring trauma team activation were included in the study. EDLOS was determined short if patient spent less than 2 h in the emergency department (ER) and long for more than 2 h. Results: A total of 248 patients were enrolled in the study. The mean total EDLOS was 125 min (range 78-180). Injury severity score (ISS) were significantly higher in the long EDLOS group (17 ± 13 versus 11 ± 9, p < 0.001). However, when leveled according to ISS, there were no differences in mean in diagnostic workup, admission rate to intensive care unit (ICU) or HLOS between the short and long EDLOS groups. Conclusion: EDLOS is not a significant parameter for HLOS in stable trauma patients.
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