Hong-Yuan Lin.[J].中华创伤杂志英文版,2020,23(4):190-195
The severe COVID-19: A sepsis induced by viral infection? And its immunomodulatory therapy
KeyWord: COVID-19SepsisImmunomodulatory therapyImmunotherapyUlinastatinThymosin a1
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Hong-Yuan Lin Forth Medical Center, General Hospital of PLA, Beijing, China 
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      COVID-19 is known for its magical infectivity, fast transmission and high death toll based on the large number of infected people. From the perspective of the clinical manifestation, autopsy examination and pathophysiology, the essence of COVID-19 should be viewed as a sepsis induced by viral infection, and has the essential characteristics as sepsis induced by other pathogens. Therefore, in addition to etiological and supportive treatment, immunomodulatory therapy is also appropriate to severe COVID-19. Although there is still a lack of consensus on immunotherapy for sepsis so far, relatively rich experiences have been accumulated in the past decades, which will help us in the treatment of severe COVID-19. This article will elaborate immunotherapy of sepsis, though it may not be consistent.
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